Tea or Coffee?


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When out with friends we always say “let’s go for a coffee”, I wonder how coffee has become such a common term? After spending several years learning about my cappuccino from americano, I am ‘ all coffee’d out!’ Although still enjoy a good medium roast now and again. So I begun my very British quest for tea!

(This picture is the Manchester Tart in Teacup)

So far some of the best tearooms have been in Cornwall. A very quirky one with a full victorian bedroom for the toilet, very British eccentric but an amazing cream tea! Closer to home I have recently discovered ‘Teacup’ in Manchester, owned by a local DJ it seems to be busier every time I go.  I love cream tea’s but can’t stand raisins or currents, all scones seem to have them! Although I did get some in Cornwall without, hallelujah!!

There is nothing more disappointing then expecting a cake to melt in your mouth yet you can’t even cut it with a hacksaw! Many cafe or teashops claim to bake fresh stuff and often cakes are bought in from Costco! These should be named and shamed, although Costco cakes are of decent quality, they are bought in!

Below is the cake display at Teacup in Manchester!


About Me

I love food, who doesn’t? My entire life has been surrounded by passionate foodies. As a child I was a nightmare! The only thing to pass my lips was chocolate! My mother took me to the doctor; he said “if that’s what she eats, let her!” However my passion for chocolate is still alive, one day hoping to be buried with 70% Ecuadorian dark chocolate, for the journey to who knows where!

I start this blog with nothing but admiration for food! Hopefully I will write about food experiences in restaurants, cafe’s and cooking. For me cooking is somewhere between a science experiment and an art form! However I believe that they both marry together with food aroma’s, which is what forms an image of the taste before a bite has entered your mouth! I love to create food fusion drawing from the Pakistani/Indian foods I grew up with and incorporating elements in a variety of cuisines, to create a whole new food experience.

Not a food purist, but think good food can take many forms. As you will see and read. I grew up eating a variety of food and now love to experiment on my family and friends!

However I believe no meal is complete unless sweetness follows it! Dessert is a must! I have found over the last few years my palate has expanded, where as once upon a time it would be a chocolate based dessert, but now I enjoy everything apart from black forest gateaux! I often spend my spare time  seeking out new recipes and cafe’s.
So lets begin the food journey!!!